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My name is
 Bernice Mireku-North 
and I'm running for State's Attorney for Montgomery County in 2022.

My name is Bernice Mireku-North and I'm running for State's Attorney for Montgomery County in 2022.

Meet Bernice

I'm running for State's Attorney because prosecutors have a lot of discretion as to what happens to individuals in the criminal justice system. I want to use that discretion to make our communities better and safer for all regardless of age, gender, race, or income.

Bernice's Priorities

This is the moment for us, to raise our voice, to say how we want to feel safe in our communities.


Families in Montgomery County are not immune from the trauma that the criminal justice system has created within our communities. The trauma has led to distrust in the system and created an urgency for leadership to restore that trust. Can we trust a system that allows the disproportionate criminalization of African Americans and Latinos  in Montgomery County?  Can we trust a system that fosters a 5 year old Black boy traumatized by law enforcement? The truth is, we can't.
We need a leader who can usher a fresh vision of a criminal justice system that helps bring justice to victims of crime. We need a leader who ensures that those accused of a crime are treated fairly and equitably. We need a leader who works to minimize the perpetual harm of systemic racism in our criminal justice system.



Bring transparency to our criminal justice system to hold prosecutors and police accountable to the public.


Develop appropriate alternatives to incarceration.


Assessing equity and exercising fairness.


Bring justice that restores and stabilizes communities.



I am proud to have a community of friends and supporters with me on this journey:

  • Mayor Jeffrey Slavin, Somerset

  • Ed and Joan King of Silver Spring

  • Rizzy Quershi, Former Takoma Park City Councilmember

  • Delegate Gabriel Acevero

  • Henriot St. Gerard 

  • Matt Post

  • Robert Binger

  • Delegate Lesley Lopez 

  • Delegate Julie Palakovich Carr 

  • Kerri Cook, President, Poolesville Town Commissioners

This is our moment 

In 2022, you have a chance to support a better State's Attorney office. Join the movement and believe that we can do better in Montgomery County.