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Equity & Fairness

With better transparency and accountability, we will be able to identify and address issues with equity of access to justice and fairness in our handling of cases. My office will expand outreach, pursue restorative justice where feasible, more closely evaluate when to request a bench warrant, review historical prosecutorial and sentencing data to identify areas of disproportionate targeting and impact, and identify additional opportunities to support rather than penalize those who do not pose an imminent public safety risk or traditionally are underserved.


Equitable Access

  • Open file discovery process: By favoring open discovery, we can obtain a more complete picture and provide the accused with an opportunity to present an adequate defense. This improves our chances of fair convictions.

  • Improve language access (on-demand interpreters, multilingual staff) beyond English and Spanish.

  • Create a Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs liaison to keep up to date with legislative changes and convey relevant information from the Office to legislators in Annapolis and Rockville.

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